Our Menu

Our food is made from fresh ingredients, gluten-free and can be made to suit your taste buds (mild, medium, or spicy).

We are fully licensed and BYO (wine only).


Samosa (2 pcs) $6.50

Home-made pastry filled with spiced potatoes, green peas and herbs

Tandoori mushroom (6pcs) $9.90

Fresh mushrooms marinated in ginger, garlic and other spices, tandoor-cooked

Chicken Tikka (4pcs) $12.90

Chicken thigh fillets marinated in special blend of spices and cooked in tandoor

Tandoori chicken $20.50

(Half - $11.50, Full $20.50) Tandoori whole chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and special spices

Vegetable pokoda (4pcs) $6.50

Spinach, cabbage, onions mixed with fresh herbs and fried with chickpea flour

Tandoori prawns (6pcs) $16.50

Fresh tiger prawns marinated in specially selected spices

Tandoori mixed platter $22.50

Mixed platter including 2pcs chicken tikka, 2pcs seekh kebabs, 2pcs lamb cutlets and 2pcs tandoori chicken. Served with hot sizzling and green salad.

Onion rings $6.50

Finely sliced onion rings and herbs dipped in chickpea flour, deep fried till golden brown and crispy

Seekh kebab (4pcs) $12.90

Indian style spiced lamb sausage, tandoor cooked

Lamb cutlets $12.00

Lamb cutlets marinated in special blend of spices(2PCS $12.00) (4PCS $20.50)



Tadka Daal $12.50

Mixed Vegetable Curry $13.50

Daal Makhani $13.50

Malai Kofta $13.50

Palak Paneer $14.50

Matar Mushroom $14.50

Okra Masala $14.50

Chana Masala $12.50

Aloo Matar $13.50

Pumpkin Masala $13.50

Saag Aloo $13.50

Vegetable Korma $14.50

Eggplant Masala $14.50


Butter Chicken ( Mild ) $15.50

Chicken Tikka Masala $15.50

Chicken Vindaloo (spicy level: hot) $15.50

Chicken Korma $15.50

Chicken Bhuna $16.00

Nepalese Kitchen

Momo (10pcs) $11.50

Chilly Chicken - $15.50

Nepalese Goat Curry - $16.50

Chowmein $12.50

Himalayan Chicken (spicy level: medium) $15.50

Chicken Saag $15.50

Chicken Mushroom $15.50

Chicken Madras $15.50

Kadai Chicken $15.50

Balti Special

Balti is a curry cooked with special sauce, onion, capsicum and fresh herbs which offers a bit of heat, sweetness and sourness.

Balti chicken $16.50

Balti chicken mushroom $15.50

Balti lamb $16.50

Balti beef $16.50

Balti mixed vegetables $16.50

Balti paneer $16.50


Lamb Rogan Josh $16.00

Lamb Vindaloo $16.00

Lamb Korma $16.50

Lamb Saag $16.50

Lamb Madras $16.00

Lamb Mushroom $16.50

Lamb Jalfrezi (spicy level: hot) $16.50


Beef Madras $15.00

Beef Vindaloo $15.50

Beef Jalfrezi (spicy level: hot) $16.50

Beef Mushroom $15.50

Beef korma $15.50

Beef Saag $15.50


Kerala Fish Curry $17.50

Prawn Malai $20.50

Malekhu Fish Curry $17.50

Garlic Chilli Prawns (spicy level: medium) $20.50


Roti $3

Naan $3

Garlic naan $3.50

Paratha $4

Aloo Paratha $4

Keema Naan $5.50

Cheese Naan $5

Garlic Cheese Naan $5.50

Kashmiri Naan $5.50


Plain Basmati Rice $3

Saffron Pulao Rice $4.50

Peas Pulao $4.50

Coconut Rice $4.50

Kashmeri Pulao $4.50

Biryani Spicy


Gulab Jamun $4.50

Kulfi $5